XRP (XRP) Price Today

What is XRP? XRP, a ticker symbol of Ripple, has constantly made headlines in cryptocurrency updates regarding stable growth and great potential. In fact, Ripple both serves as a digital payment instrument for monetary transactions and a cryptocurrency as well. It was launched in 2012 and co-founded by Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen.

XRP current value and XRP value chart

While Ripple and XRP are linked intrinsically, it is essential to remember that they only function as 2 distinct entities. As a tech company, Ripple generates global monetary transaction solutions, while the cryptocurrency XRP is a digital asset used for online payments, remittance, and microtransactions.

Like any other cryptocurrency, XRP is also a blockchain-based payment protocol and network. But instead of utilizing blockchain mining, XRP utilizes a consensus mechanism through bank-owned servers to confirm digital transactions.

Predictions have been circulating that XRP will continue its upward direction this year. But for your reference, here's a summary of XRP's performance in different time frames. Within the last week, it rose up to 0.13%. In the past month, the returns skyrocketed to 19.66%. However, in the last six months, there was an overall value decline of 15.06%. But in a year, the total returns increase by 354.24%.

The current price of XRP in USD is $1.15. Its twenty-four-hour trading volume is $4,179,047,035. Its price has been increasing up to 5.4% during the last twenty-four hours with a circulating source of forty-seven billion Ripple coins and an overall supply of one hundred billion.

For detailed and live price updates, see XRP live chart. The price of XRP in USD changes from time to time; so, keep posted on the XRP price live.

Live chart

In the XRP live chart, you will see that within the last 24 hours, XRP current value rose from $1.08 as of October 20, 2021, to $1.15 on October 21, 2021. Thus, the price of XRP today, October 21, 2021 (2:49) is at $1.15 with a market capital of $53,663,353,441, market capital dominance of 1.94%, and trading volume of $4,179,047,035.

Moreover, as seen in the XRP value chart and market statistics, its 24-hour low and 24-hour high are from $1.08 to $1.15. Its 7-day low and 7-day high are from $1.06 to $1.17. If you want to see XRP price live, refer to your preferred exchange platform.


The primary process of Ripple is a transaction settlement exchange asset and remittance instrument that's similar to SWIFT, which is mainly used for security transfers and international money. They are utilized by financial middlemen and banks that are dealing with multitudes of currencies.

Recommended platforms that allow you to buy and trade XRP are Huobi Global, Binance, OKEx, FTX, and Mandala Exchange. They update their XRP current price in real-time, and its current market cap ranking is number 6 with an ongoing market capital of $53,893,812,416. Some XRP price predictions say that the cryptocurrency may continue to rise until $300. However, some outliers believe one thousand dollars is possible. Nevertheless, trade at your own risk and keep yourself updated.

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