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A community developed cryptocurrency -SWAP is concentrating on blockchain transparency, strong privacy and ecosystem fairness. Swap states that they created the first cryptocurrency that is based on the crypto nodes with the proof of work algorithm with a 15 sec block period.

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Specifications of XWP crypto

  • $XWP is the ticker.

  • The maximum supply (before tail emission) is 18,400,000 XWP.

  • The launch date is November 16, 2018.

  • Sets of anonymity (per txn): 11th ring size

  • Ring Signatures, RingCT, and Bulletproofs provide privacy.

Advantages of Swap Coins

Swap takes its fundamental-focused approach to the next level, resulting in the finest illustration of what a perfect cryptocurrency should be. Moreover, our tradingview bot will help you improve your trading outcomes and will be monitoring xwp price for you completely autonomously.


Swap crypto has no governance or development fees, no premine, and no initial coin offering (ICO), guaranteeing that currency distribution is open and transparent. To encourage miners to keep the network functioning, Swap features a miners' fee in transactions.

Fast and power-efficient

The mining algorithm used by Swap is energy-efficient. Pools use extremely minimal CPU since the nonce does not require a Merkle Tree recalculation. Validating shares on the Swap blockchain uses very little CPU resources, but confirming CN shares uses a lot.


XWP coin transactions are untraceable, so individuals who use them are not bound by the government or any third-party.

Stable and safe

Swap's privacy mechanism is undoubtedly one of the most stable currencies in use. CryptoNote has been thoroughly tested and peer-reviewed. Swap also employs a robust and peer-reviewed PoW method.


The Swap community is working on a variety of solutions to make the Swap experience as frictionless as possible for both users and miners. Don’t hesitate to use our trading bot crypto to make it pleasant and easy to get started.

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