Stacks token price today

Stacks is a cryptocurrency project that aims to integrate smart contracts and decentralized apps to the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing it to reach its full potential. There are 1 290 950 424 STX coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 1 818 000 000 STX coins. On our WunderTrading's crypto copy trading platform, you may start increasing your cryptocurrency investment on autopilot, with complete transparency and control.

What is stack cryptocurrency?

The project, which was previously known as Blockstack but was renamed Stacks in 2020, was designed as a layer-1 solution utilizing Bitcoin as its foundation layer. The platform is powered by the Stx currency, which enables smart contracts, transaction processing, and the registration of new digital assets.

STX addresses some of the most pressing issues confronting Bitcoin. STX is presently focusing on developing a blockchain project utilizing smart contracts technology, which will overcome Bitcoin's problem of not allowing decentralized apps to be developed using its technology. Furthermore, because Stacks has Bitcoin as its foundation, everything that happens in the Stacks ecosystem is supported by the most secure blockchain available. Also, our crypto bot trading will make your experience pleasant and will make it simple to get started with trading blockstack token price.

Metrics of stacks crypto today

Name: Stacks
Ticker: STX
Blockchain: Stacks
Maximal Supply is 1,818,000,000 STX
Total Supply is 1,352,464,600 STX

How does STX coin work?

Stacks is linked to Bitcoin via a new consensus method known as Proof-of-Transfer (PoX). It is considered to have the high security of the Proof-of-Work mechanism while also having the great scalability of the Proof-of-Stake mechanism.

The Proof of Transfer method involves two parties:

  • Miners: They bid their BTC for the opportunity to write blocks on the Stacks blockchain and earn rewards. The prizes are newly minted STX (Stacks' native coin) and transaction fees.

  • Stackers: They lock their STX in order to get BTC from Miners, with the amount of BTC received proportionate to the amount of STX locked.

Advantages of getting Blockstack token

The Stacks ecosystem is minor compared to Solana, Polygon, and others, but it is developing at a rapid pace. Check out some of the benefits of buying Stacks tokens and use our trading script that will help you improve your trading outcomes and ensure that you stick to your trading technique.

Stack’s strong security.

All Stacks token transactions are settled on Bitcoin, which implies that Stack transactions benefit from the Bitcoin Network's high security features.

Large capital

By giving Bitcoin investors extra methods to earn and utilize their BTC, Stacks unleash a significant portion of the cryptocurrency's wealth. They may earn BTC by stacking STX and participating in the Proof-of-Transfer process, and they can utilize BTC in several of Stacks' interactive cryptocurrency apps.

Stacks crypto transactions are low-cost and quick.

Bitcoin transaction costs are based on the cost per byte, however with Stacks, millions of smart contracts may be represented on a single Bitcoin hash. As a result, the transaction cost on Stacks is negligible.Stacks use microblocks, which provide transaction confirmation in a matter of seconds. As a result, while being built on Bitcoin, Stacks boasts near-zero fees and ultra-fast transaction speeds.

User Experience

Talking about customer experience, Stacks offers a secure and profitable market. For example, the user owns all data. Users can even decentralize and distribute this info amongst apps.

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