Solana (SOL) Price Today

Solana belongs to cryptocurrency and blockchain’s fourth generation that supports a foundation to supply greater scalability. It became one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in 2021 because of its unique and new technologies to provide consumers a fantastic speed, Solana current value, and affordable transaction cost.

What Does This Mean?

This process only means that SOL can support a more significant number of decentralized applications without having costly transactions. Currently, its transaction fee is as low as $0.001 US dollars. However, the most significant but also most useful challenge Solana has right now is scalability. After all, it was designed to process more than 50,000 business deals per second. Moreover, Solana can provide you the confirmation in less than a second, which means that you don’t need to wait a long time for the transaction confirmation. These aspects have significantly influenced the price of Solana today. Furthermore, “proof of history” is another aspect of this cryptocurrency that uses incredible speed for tracking blockchain’s timestamps issues. It also allows the synchronization of personal clocks to ensure that all of them reflect the exact times. Overall, the price of Solana today is promising because of its incredible features.

Solana’s Founder

In 2017, Solana was founded by Anatoly Yakovenko, an expert software engineer who previously worked for Dropbox and Qualcomm and has profound knowledge of compression algorithms. He published a white paper about Solana, detailing how people can use it to accelerate POW (proof of work) and POS (proof of stake) blockchains.Then, together with Greg Fitzerald (Chief Technology Officer) and Eric Williams, Anatoly Yakovenko, they conceptualized how to deal with the common issues people encounter with Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. They pictured a distributed and trustless protocol that permits additional scalability, resulting in the creation of Solana. Their efforts at thoroughly developing Solana allowed the SOL price live to keep on rising.

Solana Price and Market Data

The SOL coin price is currently valued at $157.14, with a $1,372,725,583 trading volume in 24 hours. In this case, the SOL crypto price went up to 0.2% in just 24 hours. This means it has around 300 million coins with today’s SOL coin price and a total supply of 489 million coins. Based on its (PoH) “proof of history” and (PoS) “proof of stake consensus,” Solana has a high blockchain production. This is because Solana was created by a group of engineers that aimed to enhance blockchain infrastructure for contemporary internet applications.

What Makes It Unique

As mentioned, one of Solana’s most notable features is the “proof of history” (PoH) created by Anatoly Yakovenko. This unique technology allows for a higher degree of scalability, which can lead to better usability. Aside from having a favorable SOL crypto price as seen in SOL price live, Solana is well-known in cryptocurrency networks, thanks to its uniquely short processing period. Furthermore, Solana’s hybrid agreement allows it to serve both enterprises and small-time users. In this case, keeping the taxes and fees low is their central promise to their customers. That’s why it’s not surprising that many users are investing in this network, especially with the Solana current value as manifested in the SOL value chart. After all, its protocol was designed in a way that ensures a low transaction fee while keeping fast processing and scalability.


With the SOL current price, more and more users are becoming interested in investing in this blockchain network. Aside from this, experts also predicted that the SOL price live will continue to progress for many years. Overall, Solana relies on a particular combination of its key concepts, such as scalability and “proof of history,” making its SOL value chart highly attractive. You can monitor the price of SOL on WunderTrading and

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