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Quant is an Ethereum-based currency that promises to offer blockchain interoperability, with a focus on institutions. Quant's services, transaction fees, and the OverLedger Network are all paid for using the coin. Quant's backbone is OverLedger, which enables institutions to effortlessly integrate numerous distributed ledger technologies into their operations.On WunderTrading's crypto copy trading platform, you may start increasing your cryptocurrency investment on autopilot, with complete transparency and control.

What is Crypto Quant Coin?

Quant was founded in June 2018 with the purpose of connecting blockchains and networks on a global scale without compromising the network's efficiency or interoperability.

  • $2.5 billion in market capitalization

  • Market Capitalization (Fully Diluted): $3 Billion

  • 14.6 billion QNT is the maximum supply.

  • 14.6 billion QNT total supply

  • There are 12 072 738 QNT coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 14 612 493 QNT coins.

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Advantages of Crypto Quant Coin

Quant offers a variety of features and perks that set it apart from the competition. For starters, it was built from the bottom up to eliminate any technical obstacles to DLT integrations. The protocol is simple to set up and use. To build up your quant network, you don't need any knowledge of smart contract languages, cryptography, or DLT data structures. The user interface decreases the process's technical complexity.

Interoperability of DLTs on a global scale.

Quant network allows users to connect to several DLTs. DLT technology is now available to mainstream businesses because of network APIs. Developers, governments, and people may finally take use of the full potential of DLT without having to pay experienced programmers.


Quant network works with protocols and technology stacks that are already in use. The network uses ISO DLT-interoperability standards to ensure that business solutions may be deployed quickly and easily.


Quant coin crypto is obedient to the point of indifference. As part of the firm's mission to serve large enterprise clients worldwide, this was considered as a vital prerequisite.


Quant's approach is less expensive than the competition. Quant network, on the other hand, was designed to serve as a software solution on top of existing networks. You can also use our trading script that will help you improve your trading outcomes and ensure that you stick to your trading technique.

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