Polygon (MATIC) Price Today

Polygon is a framework, which has been purpose-built to form multiple blockchain networks, linked with one another. Such interconnection comes in particularly useful when you want to set up smart contracts. The very idea of Polygon is to enable users to launch blockchain networks tailored to their needs by means of modules.

Polygon network, crypto currency and its growth

Polygon exists since 2017, although at first it was called Matic Network. In February 2021 it became Polygon, but some still call it Matic Network. Polygon system’s native cryptocurrency is named MATIC.

This cryptocurrency is known as one of the most impressive successes of 2021. It went public approximately eighteen months after the launch of the network, in April 2019. MATIC crypto price was $0.00263 per token then. At the beginning of 2021, it reached $0.01781.

On March 13, and in only about 10 weeks it was worth $0.4251, which means it grew by more than 2,286%.

Later there certainly were ups and downs; although it is extremely difficult to guess how it is going to behave in the future, some of the predictions are optimistic indeed.

Basic info on polygon crypto: price today, supply, market cap, etc.

  • The current Polygon price is $2.05 per coin

  • In the last 24 hours, it went down by 4.39%.

  • 24-hour trading volume equals $2,145,996,887

  • During the last 24 hours, polygon MATIC price fluctuated between $1.84 (low) and $2.22 (high)

  • Live market capitalization reached $14,515,261,908 USD.

  • The current market cap ranking is #14,

Polygon network, crypto currency and its growth

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