Pi Cryptocurrency Value Today

PI network intends to focus what they have learned from developing enterprise web chains for applications in a wide range of fields into a highly scalable, multichain smart contract platform and decentralized finance (DeFi) toolset that meets all of the requirements of public and enterprise DeFi while also simplifying integration. This plan will be carried out by establishing tools to facilitate smart contract and DApp implementation, as well as introducing on-chain oracles and unique technologies for adding programmable liquidity to further simplify integration with Plian.

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What is PI Coin Stock?

Plian is a multi-chain system that includes EVM, a unified knowledge graph, and a smart data Oracle mechanism. The PI network stock is dedicated to supporting non-native Token smart contract calls in order to address issues such as enhancing blockchain performance, smart contract loop closure, and reliance on external data. Its goal is to enable large-scale industrial blockchain smart contract applications.

Specifications of PI Cryptocurrency

  • The total number of coins is more than 2100000000.

  • 436571463 or more are available.

  • $ 4299792.339087 in market capitalization

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Key Innovative Technologies of PI Coin Stock

  • The first native EVM multi chain enables subchain and main chain interoperability. It can accommodate 256 sub chains and 180,000 TPS without causing additional congestion on the main chain, and it has a total of 1064 nodes. As the number of sub chains grows, the TPS can be scaled linearly.

  • When compared to the traditional BFT algorithm, the patented PDBFT algorithm cuts transmission costs from N2 to N. Because overhead rises linearly with the number of nodes, this essentially addresses the scalability-decentralization dilemma, minimizing the impact on scalability.

  • Smart contracts can now be more easily encapsulated thanks to a new Oracle technique based on the knowledge graph. Smart data that is W3C compliant successfully addresses the problem of non-intelligence in smart contracts.

  • Safe Delegation and Blind Bidding effectively limit the danger of malicious validators by avoiding token transactions between delegates and candidates. The validator election can also be conducted in a more fair and safe setting thanks to the Blind Bidding method.

  • Capability to work across chains. Using the offered toolbox, Pchain's smart contracts may be readily invoked using non-native tokens (BTC, ERC20).

Advantages of PI Coin Crypto

The PI coin is one of the world's most ambitious blockchain initiatives. It is a multichain smart contract platform that was the first to enable the Ethereum Virtual Machine and makes use of cutting-edge technological breakthroughs. Check out some of the main benefits of PI crypto.

High scalability

Dynamic multi chain architecture offers customizable and purpose-driven sub chains with no throughput limitations.

Decentralization is high.

The aggregate signature system allows for the dynamic entrance and exit of thousands of nodes without slowing down the network's speed or throughput.

High-level security

The parallel chain structure ties each child chain to the main chain, requiring attackers to concurrently assault all chains in order to succeed.

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