Neo Coin Price Today

In China, Neo is the most popular cryptocurrency. Similar to Ethereum, NEO is a smart-contract platform. It uses a consensus approach known as delegated Byzantine fault tolerance to allow 10,000 transactions per second, compared to 15 transactions per second for Ethereum. Our crypto trading bot will make your experience pleasant and will make it simple to get started. With the help of our trading terminal you can easily monitor neo cryptocurrency price.

What is Neon crypto?

NEO is a blockchain-based platform with its own coin and the ability to create digital assets and smart contracts.

  • 100 million total supply

  • Da Hongfei, Erik Zhang are the original authors.

  • NEO (previously ANS) is a stock symbol.

  • AntShares was first released in February 2014, and then relaunched as Neo in June 2017.

NEO is often considered to be China's Ethereum. Both cryptocurrencies use smart contracts, while NEO extends Ethereum's network with its own blockchain. NEO bills itself as the smart economy's distributed network. Digital assets with a digital identity backed by smart contracts are referred to as smart economy assets.

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Neon crypto’s primary characteristics

  • The Neo network is built around a decentralized Byzantine fault-tolerant (dBFT) consensus procedure between a few centrally sanctioned nodes.

  • Transactions can be processed at a pace of up to 10,000 per second.

  • The NEO network is built on the use of two coins. neoGAS and neoGAS (GAS).

  • The GAS token is designed to be both a fuel and a security token for the NEO network.

Advantages of Neon Crypto

Neo is not similar to other cryptocurrencies and, for sure, it has a lot of advantages. For sure, if you are using our trading script it will help you improve your trading outcomes and ensure that you stick to your trading strategy and will always be informed about the current price of neo coin. Let's move on to Neon crypto’s benefits.

Neo crypto’s smart economy

It is unlike anything else on the market, particularly Ethereum. Digital assets, digital identities, and smart contracts are all components of the smart economy, that is what makes the stock price for neo so attractable.

Digital identity

Any corporation, individual, or other entity that can own an asset can register for a digital identity. It runs on a system known as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) (PKI).

Contracts with smart features

Smart contracts may be used by developers to make the entire infrastructure operate. Unlike Ethereum, NEO does not require you to learn a new programming language in order to create smart contracts. This implies that any developer may get started on the NEO platform and create a smart economy.


NEO holders will receive GAS as a result of this. It is a dividend paid to holders of NEO. A formula is used to disperse it. You will receive GAS every day if you have NEO in your wallet. If you own 100 NEO, for example, you will receive 0.03411 Gas per year. Not to add that the price of GAS has risen in recent months, providing a good incentive to retain NEO.

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