Kusama (KSM) Price Today

Lean development is key to survival for many developers who want to create a swiftly evolving product that can adapt to changes in its native domain as quickly as possible. For some blockchain startups, it is a dream that can come true only with Kusama, a cousin to the famous Polkadot.

Since Kusama crypto price is prone to volatility, it is often a good target for a good tradingview botcapable of making sound decisions when the daily trading volume increases. As of the time of writing, the Kusama coin price is $329 and the market cap is over $2.79 billion. The daily trading volume is also impressive (over $117 million).

What is Kusama?

It is a blockchain ecosystem with a variety of features and uses for developers. One of the key advantages of Kusama is that governance here is less strict and projects can roll out iterations quicker. Changes to the network are proposed by the community and voters use KSM to push their agenda when necessary.

Other uses of the token include bonds for parachains (altcoins within the ecosystem), nominating validators and validating the network. It is a digital space where products can be created, iterated upon, and published within weeks or even days.

There are several reasons why people are using this platform over many others:

  • Faster rollouts of iterations thanks to easier governance;

  • Parachains can be launched cheaper and faster;

  • The governance is done only by users of the network;

  • Upgrades are released faster than in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Due to such merits, the KSM coin has been enjoying popularity and love from the community of crypto enthusiasts. The KSM trading volumes have been growing ever since its launch and thanks to new parachains gaining traction, the main token gained notoriety and attention from big-time investors. Many started using crypto copy trading instruments to keep up with the market.

Should you buy KSM?

With a strong focus on providing flexible tools to all developers of blockchain products, KSM managed to create a noisy buzz within the crypto community. Active investors who want to use crypto trading bots and other instruments for trading should keep an eye on Kusama as it aims to be the go-to platform for all lean developers!

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