IOTA (MIOTA) Price Today

Today there are a huge number of blockchain projects. At the same time, a new project - cryptocurrency IOTA Coin - is gaining popularity and may soon become one of the ten most popular digital currencies. At the heart of its work is the Tangle technology, which is completely different from the original blockchain.

MIOTA is the IOTA network's own cryptocurrency

How MIOTA works

MIOTA is a coin developed based on a distributed registry designed specifically for use in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Let's briefly explain what the Internet of Things is. It is the concept of a data network between devices. Inside the IoT, people can communicate with 'things' (i.e. gadgets) and 'things' can communicate with each other. In other words, the IoT connects devices into a computer network and allows them to collect, analyze, process and transmit data to other objects through software, applications, or technical devices.

The main goals and objectives of IOTA cryptocurrency are:

  • To provide secure transactions between 'things' in real-time.

  • To become the basis of the future industrial revolution, which will be the mass application of the Internet of Things.

By the way, the acronym MIOTA stands for 'Millions of IOTA or Mega IOTA'.

The maximum possible number of IOTA's own tokens, MIOTA, is 2,779,530,283, all of which have been distributed to investors. But 5% of the total was allocated to further develop IOTA and create the IOTA Foundation, but this was agreed upon by the investors.

Who created MIOTA

The IOTA network was created by the efforts of David Sonstebo, Dominic Shiner, Sergey Popov, and Serge Ivancheglo in 2015. It was conceived as a specialized peer-to-peer distributed registry whose main goal was the democratization and development of the Internet of Things.

IOTA offers its users the following:

  • free transactions.

  • instant verification of transactions.

  • unlimited scaling potential.

IOTA also has many other advantages - such as lower energy consumption than most other cryptocurrencies. All of this demonstrates the tremendous versatility and functionality of the IOTA network.

The value of MIOTA

IOTA crypto price reached its current record in December 2017, amounting to several dollars. With the decline that began in December 2017, the price of this asset has predictably declined. The current IOTA price is less than one dollar, but the coin is slowly rising in value and slowly gaining momentum as the cryptocurrency becomes more popular again. At the time of writing, the IOTA price chart is 25th of cryptocurrencies.

IOTA is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency initiative that stands out. Investors that are interested in the future of smart cities and industrial revolutions should surely keep an eye on it. Although it hasn't occurred yet, IOTA has the potential to become a very appealing payment alternative for end users because to its free, near-instant, and tamper-proof transactions.

Where to Buy and Sell MIOTA

First and foremost, this coin cannot be mined. This is due to the adoption of a decentralized platform, in which the system is maintained by the users themselves.

IOTA cryptocurrency is officially available on exchanges, respectively - any participant of the crypto market can buy it. It is also possible to exchange IOTA for other cryptocurrencies. On any exchange, you can see IOTA coin price real time.

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