Immutable X (IMX) Price Today

Immutable X is the next-generation protocol for scaling the Ethereum network, which for the most part emphasizes NFT. So before we break down IMX in more detail, let's briefly discuss what NFT is.

In short, NFT is a new class of digital assets, a non-interchangeable token, a unique digital object whose originality is proven by blockchain technology. It also stores information about the token's owner and its sales history. NFTs include everything from art and virtual real estate to gaming items. NFT can be used to sell almost any virtual object - images, music, texts, 3D models. But in most cases, they are digital art objects.

What is Immutable X (IMX)?

The founders of Immutable X are brothers James Ferguson and Robby Ferguson. This is not their first collaborative project that has come to their attention. They were later joined by Alex Connolly to work on Immutable X. It was they who produced their main product, Immutable X. The company also distinguished itself with the release of the blockchain-based collectible card game Gods Unchained, which was released with Chris Clay, he was the one who previously managed the Magic: The Gathering Arena project.

Immutable X overcomes these challenges without requiring users to abandon the Ethereum platform.

Immutable X is notable for being one of the first Ethereum Layer-2 solutions that focus only on NFT. The project is at the cutting edge of the Ethereum ecosystem's evolution. If the claimed transaction speed of over 9,000 transactions per second is met, Immutable X has a good possibility of becoming the default "NFT blockchain" in the future.

The distinguishing features of Immutable X are:

  • Unlimited scalability.

  • Instant confirmation of transactions.

  • Enhanced security.

The Immutable X token, known as IMX, is a service token of the Immutable X protocol used to reward users for their contributions to the platform.

The total supply of IMX tokens is 2 billion, which will be allocated for ecosystem development, project development, token sales, and a reserve fund. IMX token price started a few dollars and has not made big breakthroughs since then, but thanks to the popularity of NFT, it is safe to say that the project has a great future.

Where to Buy Immutable X (IMX)?

You can buy Immutable crypto like any other cryptocurrencies in the following ways:

  • Crypto exchanges. Besides buying, you can also trade cryptocurrency on it, and you can use all advantages of automated trading - bot trading or trading script, or use the popular strategy of crypto copy trading.

  • Exchangers. Easy and safe, but not the most profitable option.

  • P2P. Direct purchase and sale of cryptocurrency by users without the participation of a third party or intermediary are also quite popular.

In conclusion, the Immutable X coin has progress and a great future ahead of it, paving the way for even more scalable solutions for the crypto ecosystem and the NFT ecosystem in general. The immutable x token price is very likely to grow, which means it's worth paying attention to.

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