FTX Token (FTT) Price Today

FTX token is one of the leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges that provide futures, OTC trading, and leveraged tokens. If you are wondering what the ftt crypto price is, you are on the right page. Here is everything you should know about ftt token price.

What is FTX?

FTX is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that lets you access the derivatives trading market. Since it was launched in 2019, this derivative exchange has tremendously grown in daily trading volume.

The exchange was founded by Sam Bankman, an MIT graduate and a former trader at Jane Street Capital international EFT. It is designed for both novices and experienced professionals because of its user-friendly desktop and mobile apps.

The utility token used on the FTX cryptocurrency exchange is known as FTT. This price token can be utilized to lower the trading fees on the platform. You can also use it as collateral against future positions, purchase and burn your weekly fees, and get socialized funds from the insurance fund.

FTX Price Today

The price of FTX token is $61.16 while the trading volume is $211, 170, 047. The ftt coin price has reduced by 6.0% within 24 hours. The circulating supply of the FTT coin is 140 million while the total supply is 336 million.

FTT Value Statistics

Here is an overview of the ftx stock price, volume, and rank.

  • Price to USD- $61.22

  • Price to BTC- 0.000921 BTC

  • 24hr Volume- $210.93 million

  • Rank- 28

  • Market Cap- $8.57 billion

  • Diluted Market Cap- $20.56 billion

  • Daily Average- $79. 83

Price Performance

This is an overview of the percentage gains and losses of the FTX Token (FTT) for each period.

  • October 2021- +15.25%

  • September 2021- +6.16%

  • August 2021- +37.20%

  • July 2021- +27.36%

  • June 2021- -19.32%

  • May 2021- -42. 96%

  • April 2021- +37. 89%

  • March 2021- +54.63%

  • February 2021- +133.88%

  • January 2021- +99.34%

FTX Key Products

Some of the key products of FTX include;

  • Futures- FTX allows traders to take both long and short bets on some of the top cryptocurrencies.

  • Leveraged Tokens- Traders get ERC20 based tokens that give them 3X leveraged exposure against the trading pair. This allows them to do crypto copy trading

  • Options- After speculating on future price direction, traders can hedge against open positions with call and put options.

  • MOVE- These are contracts that allow traders to bet how the ftx crypto stock price will move during a certain period.

  • Spot Markets- With over 100 spot trading pairs, traders can get exposure to leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, and more.

Leading FTX Token Exchanges

There are several crypto exchanges that allow FTX token trading and crypto bot trading. Here is a list of the top FTX token exchanges, starting with the highest 24hr trading volume and current price.


  • Trading Volume-$91.10 million

  • Current Price- $61.23


  • Trading Volume- $63.45 million

  • Current Price- $61.16

Huobi Global

  • Trading Volume- $11.80 million

  • Current Price- $61.24


  • Trading Volume- $4.11 million

  • Current Price- $61.22


  • Trading Volume- $1.62 million

  • Current Price- $61.21

Top FTX Token Markets

There are leading FTX token markets in crypto exchanges that have recorded the highest trading volume in 24hrs. Here is a list of these markets together with their 24hr trading volume and current price based on a trading script.


  • Trading Volume- $76.21 million

  • Current Price- $66.21

FTT/USDT- Binance

  • Trading Volume- $46.56 million

  • Current Price-$61.16


  • Trading Volume- $12.39 million

  • Current price- $61.27

FTT/USDT-Huobi Global

  • Trading Volume-$9.51 million

  • Current Price-$61.24

FTT/BTC- Binance

  • Trading Volume-$4.33 million

  • Current Price- $61.19

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