Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Today

Find out the Ethereum Classic price today by reading this article.

In the past few years, Ethereum's popularity has been rapidly rising. As a result, more and more people are interested in investing in it. The main question now for many people is this; what is today's Ethereum Classic price? Find out the answer in this article.

Ethereum Classic: What is It?

Before anything else, it's important that you first understand the concept behind Ethereum Classic. You may be wondering if it's different from just plain Ethereum ETH. The answer is yes; Ethereum Classic is different from just Ethereum (ETH).

Ethereum Classic is a split version of the Ethereum blockchain. It was first unveiled in July 2016. Its primary purpose is to act as an intelligent contract network. This makes it able to host and support decentralized apps.

Recently, Ethereum Classic has worked hard to make itself different from Ethereum. It did so by deviating further away from the roadmap of Ethereum.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Today

The current Ethereum Classic price is $53.82 with a $782,962,688 24-hour trading volume. However, the Ethereum Classic price USD can change significantly daily. This particular current price, in fact, is 1.36% lower than what it was the previous 24 hours. Then again, this is not surprising given that it is a crypto.

Where to Purchase Ethereum Classic?

Are you looking to buy Ethereum Classic any time in the future? In that case, purchasing it is easier than you think, given that ETC is considered to be one of the biggest market cap cryptos. It is traded freely on several exchanges.

Some of the exchanges where you can buy Ethereum Classic include:

  • OKEx

  • Huobi Global

  • Binance

But, before making the purchase, make sure to research more about it. This way, you can determine whether it's a suitable investment for you and when is the right time to invest in it.

Ethereum Classic Network: Is It Secured?

Ethereum Classic crypto is pretty secure given that it uses proof-of-work. However, since it is considered minor crypto, regular attacks have been trying to obtain control. In fact, 51% of attacks against Ethereum Classic are aimed at gaining access to its mining hash rate. There have also been a few advances to double-spend and do deceptive transactions. A majority of these happened in August 2020.

However, the recent hacking of the Ethereum blockchain resulted in the theft of 3.6 ETH. Because of this, Ethereum classic is among the first ones to make efforts to maintain its uprightness. This means that they make security a priority when it comes to their platform, which is a good sign that your investment is protected to the best of its abilities.

Final Words

Just like other cryptos, the Ethereum classic stock price can be a bit unpredictable. Its price can go up and down at any time, so it's essential to pay close attention to the changes in its pricing before you consider investing. The only way to do this is to keep your eyes open to the Ethereum Classic price live and stay updated. On WunderTrading, you can view the Ethereum Classic price chart and earn passive income from ETC by making your own fully automated crypto trading, setting up a crypto copy trading connection to follow best traders, or creating a powerful crypto tradingview bot that will operate 24/7. Join now!

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