EOS (EOS) Price Today

EOS is an entire ecosystem that managed to create a huge commotion in the community during its launch in 2017. It is a moderately popular coin that does not have any overblown figures to show off yet acts as one of the crypto assets that many investors find stable and interesting in the long run.

It is traded well by the Tradingview bot and has its own unique perks that distinguish it from other similar assets available in the market. The EOS cryptocurrency price is currently around $4 apiece and the market cap is over $4 billion. There are over 972 million tokens in circulation and the daily trading volume is over $780 million.

What is EOS?

One of the reasons why the price of EOS is chaotic and volatile compared to some other coins is that the platform is regularly updated with some changes being accepted by the community warmer than others.

The main goal of the platform is to make transactions free and create a strong network capable of conducting millions of transactions per second without any hiccups. It is quite hard to create something so intricate yet efficient and some skeptics still believe that what was promised in the white paper in 2015 is unachievable giving the limitations of the technology.

Nevertheless, EOS set a record for an ICO raising over $4 billion within the first month of trading and issuing the first (and last so far) billion of tokens.

Here are some things that you should know about EOS:

  • Block. one (the initial developer of EOS) is registered in the Cayman Islands;

  • The EOS eco-system is used to create a variety of digital products including for-profit Everipedia;

  • The EOS coin value has been moving up and down ever since the launch but never dipped below the initial price of the ICO;

  • The development is still ongoing and new features are added to the network on the regular basis.

It is a good idea for many to start crypto copy trading assets like EOS since it has enough liquidity and active investors to support day trading and provide enough useful information for efficient trading deals.

The development team has been active ever since the launch providing useful tools for the whole community and many independent developers to build commercial and non-commercial projects within the ecosystem. Notably, Everipedia has been making headlines with its strong focus on creating a decentralized knowledge base that could not be blocked on a government level.

Should you buy EOS?

A good intention is often burdened by inefficient management and poor execution on multiple stages of the development process. However, EOS seems to stay strong both in terms of its leadership and technological support. EOS stock price chart demonstrates that it is possible to make money by speculating and making swift decisions.

One of the ways to do so is to use a trading bot crypto platform and make sure that some of the decisions are made quickly and decisively after careful machine analysis. If you are interested in active trading, investing in EOS.IO can be a solid strategy.

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