Decentraland (MANA) Price Today

Decentraland is one of the most ambitious crypto projects with a strong focus on utilizing tokens within artificial cyberspace as well as the real world. It was initially introduced to the public in 2015 by a team of devs from Argentina. The first glimpse at the project was quite limited as it consisted of pixel art managing pixels using a standard proof-of-word algorithm.

Today, it is a well-functioning virtual 3D world and the mana coin price is at its highest ever ($5.04) and the market cap is quite impressive reaching $9.2 billion by November 2021. The Mana price chart is also steadily climbing up as seen in the tradingview bot which has been helping millions of investors to buy and sell the coin efficiently.

What is MANA?

One must distinguish Mana from Decentraland. The latter is a functioning virtual 3D world with a strong focus on global events, various arts, and property trading using the former — MANA. This coin is used within the game to conduct all financial activities and it can be freely traded on a variety of exchanges for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies.

Mana stock price is quite impressive and shows that it has enough liquidity with a strong daily trading volume (over $6.2 billion). Intense market activity is tightly related to the use of the coin within the virtual world and various expenses of users hosting events. The total supply is currently 2.19 billion but only 1.82 billion circulate.

Since the value of the coin is quite volatile and has been rising dramatically for the last year, many users prefer copy trading crypto assets like Mana as making quick decisions is often a tall task for many inexperienced traders.

Decentraland offers its players private property on the virtual island. Since the number of available parcels of land is limited, the price is expected to go up as more people join the world. Private lots are used to host events and build a variety of art projects. As the value of in-game properties rises, the Decentraland coin price follows.

There are several key features of Decentraland:

  • A DAO that regulates both in-game rules and how the whole network is operated;

  • A special Builder is used to create projects on various plots of land in the world;

  • Marketplace with a variety of in-game and real assets;

  • Hundreds of private and communal events are hosted in Decentraland.

Should you buy Mana?

To many, Mana is just another virtual currency used in video games. However, the latest developments in the project brought huge profits to those who believed in the future of Decentraland. People who used automated crypto trading managed to gain significant advantages by buying Mana just before its price tripled within a month.

If you are interested in one of the most ambitious gaming projects in the whole history of the industry, take a much closer look at Decentraland.

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