CumRocket Crypto Currency Price Today

Cumrocket is a new cryptocurrency that is measured in $cummies. It is essentially a cryptocurrency, similar to the well-known Bitcoin, except it was designed specifically for usage on NSFW websites and markets. Our crypto copy trading platform will help you begin growing your cryptocurrency investment with complete transparency and control and monitor the cumrocket coin price automatically. Or you can create your own trading script that would scan the cumrocket price chart for the optimal etnry points.

What is CumRocket Cryptocurrency?

CumRocketCrypto is a blockchain-based initiative that aims to transform the adult content sector. It was launched in April 2021. CumRocket hopes to liberalize the not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content sector by introducing the CUMMIES token, allowing both authors and users to profit from a secure environment for communication and amusement. CumRocket coin has developed an NSFW blockchain network that allows users to talk, text, sext, and share material while tipping and rewarding content producers with Cummies crypto.

Market of CumRocket coin

  • Market capitalization: $16.447.770 USD

  • Volume (24 hours): 151.943 USD

  • Circulating supply: 1.320.488.009

  • 1,000,000.000.000 in total supply

  • 888 / 8900 Market Cap Rank

What Makes CumRocket Crypto So Special?

CumRocket Crypto is a one-of-a-kind offering that has the potential to completely transform the adult content market. CumRocket seeks to deliver fair recognition to creators in the pornography industry with the growing usage of NFTs and smart contract tokens for authentication. CumRocket, by leveraging the capabilities of blockchain technology, enables both creators and viewers to share and enjoy sexual material, recognize notable artists, and reward their work.

CumRocket Stock has a bold plan, and the platform intends to build an entire ecosystem of services for customers. There is already a lot of investor interest in the company, and the platform is getting a lot of buzz on social media.

How Secure Is the CumRocket Crypto Network?

CumRocket coin runs on the Binance Smart Chain. The proof-of-stake PoS consensus process secures CUMMIES crypto as a BEP-20 token. This means that node validators are chosen based on the amount of coins stacked as well as the length of time they have been held. PoS, unlike the widely used proof-of-work PoW consensus used by the Bitcoin blockchain, does not necessitate large quantities of compute and electricity.

Benefits of CumRocket Crypto Currency

CumRocket Crypto is a ground-breaking approach to the multibillion-dollar pornography industry, attempting to decentralize it and make it profitable for both makers and viewers.

Stake and Burn

In accordance with CumRocket chart, 2.5 percent of each transaction is reallocated among holders. Every transaction burns 2.5 percent of the supply, implying that the supply is always running out.

Holders' Utility

On our NSFW platforms, we promote more transactions by using CUMMIES coins as the tipping money.

Holders will be part of the Active Team.

A staff that is very participatory and open with investors. In the future of CumRocket, our community will always have a say. You can use our fully automated bot trading to start trading and investing in cryptocurrency right now.

Network with Low Fees

CumRocket is a member of the Binance Smart Chain, which means there are essentially no gas costs and fast exchanges which will assist traders to perform transactions at a fair cumrocket crypto price.

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