Cosmos (ATOM) Price Today on WunderTrading

The coin named ATOM is the native token of Cosmos – a network that dubs itself the Internet of blockchains and blockchain 3.0.

Cosmos is a decentralized, highly scalable ecosystem of interconnected apps and services. It arrived at the open market in 2019.

Cosmos allows decentralized applications to run on their own dedicated blockchains, increasing speed and decreasing cost of their transactions.

Named “zones”, these blockchains are connected with one another by way of the IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol). Cosmos also enables developers to quickly create completely customizable blockchains using pre-built modules.

Cosmos (atom) crypto: price, trading volumes, market cap, etc.

In spite of its name sounding somehow ‘atomic’, coin price of ATOM is pretty regular - today it is $22.16.

Below are a few figures about cosmos cryptocurrency:

  • In the last 24 hours, cosmos token price got down 7.79%.

  • The 24-hour trading volume of cosmos atom coin is $313,214,586 USD.

  • During the last 24 hours, atom coin price fluctuated between $24.94 (Low) and $27.80 (High)

  • Its market capitalization is $5,011,634,410; it currently ranks #33 by market cap ,

  • The circulating supply of ATOM coins equals 226,167,109

  • The total supply is capped to 260,906,513.

Cosmos (atom) cryptocurrency might be a good investment. It has performed definitely well over the past year, judging from its soaring in value. In March 2019, the coin was worth $7.39. Later, there were ups and downs, from a record low on 13 March 2020, when it was $1.13 to the all-time high on 20 September 2021, when it reached as much as $44.70.
As you see, cryptocurrencies can be volatile indeed; you should be cautious each time you make a decision. However, the predictions for 2022 are pretty optimistic, so why not buy cosmo – what if they come true?

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