Chainlink (LINK) Price Today

When launched in September 2017, Chainlink project was intended to make smart contracts quickly and correctly access real-world data. The company strives to achieve cross-chain connectivity and claims that its infrastructure is compatible with all primary blockchain environments, both public and private.

Its native currency, which could be used for staking and buying services on the network, is named LINK. Its performance over the past two years is impressive indeed.

At the beginning of 2020, chainlink cryptocurrency price was only $1.80, but by the end of December 2020, it climbed up as high as to $11.58. Simply put, the growth over the course of the year reached whooping 543%.

Throughout 2021, price of chainlink crypto set a record of $36.83 on February 20. It went down shortly after, but remained relatively high, compared with the numbers from previous year. By spring 2021, LINK more than doubled in value, compared with January 1, 2021 and reached $25 on March 1. Later there were ups and downs, typical to such a highly volatile market. However, some experts regard LINK a good investment and predict that it’s going to perform well in the nearest future.

Basiс Facts on chainlink crypto: price, market cap, etc.

  • The current LINK token price is $18.30

  • Its 24-hour trading volume equals $688,662,382.

  • The chainlink coin price went down by 7.71% in the last 24 hours.

  • The total chainlink stock price, i.e., market capitalization, is $8,545,440,680.

  • Its current ranking by market cap is #22,

  • The number of LINK coins in circulation is 467,009,550

  • The maximum supply is limited to 1,000,000,000

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