BIZZCOIN was launched in September 2019 with the goal to make cryptocurrency more available for ordinary people. BIZZ is a digital currency with a fully functional ecosystem that consists of a wallet, trading platform, point of sale and more, all designed to provide an alternative to fiat currency solutions.

BizzCoin is designed to play a role in managing transactions across multiple platforms such as shopping, trading, travel, money transfers, and merchant services. It is intended to be at the core of the BizzCoin referral and reward program. The adoption and use of BIZZ is intended to increase its popularity and value.

The company behind BizzCoin is called BizzTrade. BizzTrade is aimed at increasing the popularity of BizzCoin, which will ultimately positively reflect on the coin value. The company offers a variety of financial products, including BizzCoin Wallet (BizzWallet), BizzCoin Exchange (BizzExchange), BizzCoin Shopping (BizzMart), BizzCoin Flight and Hotel Booking (BizzCoinTravel), and BizzCoin Gaming (BizzGames).

BizzWallet is a non-custodial mobile wallet for storing cryptoсurrency. At the moment, it supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens. BizzExchange is a platform where you can trade several cryptocurrencies in a fast and secure manner. BizzMart is a global ecommerce platform where you can buy physical goods with cryptocurrency. BizzTravel allows you to spend your cryptocurrency to pay for hotels, flights, and more. BizzGames provides an opportunity to earn crypto while playing a game.

BizzСoin was built on the Ethereum blockchain and has the goal of speeding up transactions while providing lower transaction fees. Since this digital coin is an ERC20 coin, it can be exchanged for BitCoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Currently the circulating supply of BizzСoin is around 8 million coins. The maximum supply of BizzCoin will be capped at 320,000,000 BIZZ.

Bizzcoin price prediction

Bizz coin value has remained stable throughout the existence of the token and fluctuates in between $0.2 and $1. BizzCoin price today demonstrates a downward pattern. BizzCoin can be purchased at the following exchanges HitBTC, Bilazy, Fatbtc, ExMarkets. The bizzcoin price prediction for the year 2022 is to reach the level 0f 0.67$.

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