Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today

Bitcoin Cash is a continuation of the Bitcoin project, which has improved consensus capabilities to allow for scalability and growth. Bitcoin Cash is an independent decentralized cryptocurrency that operates on the principles of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash is not only a modern continuation of bitcoin but also a separate cryptocurrency that appeared as an offshoot of the original bitcoin due to a hard fork. The forced situation in the cryptocurrency market and outdated principles of bitcoin operation have become the main reasons for the formation of this cryptocurrency.

The main goal of the creators of Bitcoin Cash is to fix the main flaw in Bitcoin. They focus on the main issue of the bitcoin blockchain which is delays in processing transactions, which increase bitcoin cash current price.

Another advantage of Bitcoin Cash is the reduction in fees compared to regular Bitcoin, which is caused by the absence of a kind of 'queues' for transactions that are also measured to bitcoin cash current value to make it higher than competitors.

Bitcoin Cash was initially positioned as digital cash due to its low fees and high transaction speed. However, the graphs show that today the demand for such transactions is not at all high. So, there is no need to talk about the real success of the current price of Bitcoin Cash, but the cryptocurrency cannot be called a failure either.

Amory Seshe, the main developer of BCH, has proposed a new protocol with changes that should allow for completely anonymous transactions and even faster payments in the system. In fact, the system should become more reliable and bitcoin cash price charts keep on top of cryptocurrency charts.

In fact, the developers claim that they have created a unique coin that can completely replace Bitcoin. Thousands of investors, small and large companies supported the new project and did everything to increase the market coverage and the current price of bitcoin cash. Thus, already in the first year of the project's existence, the Bitcoin Cash team achieved stunning results and brought the coin to the TOP-10 of the world's cryptocurrencies, as many crypto enthusiasts suggesting that Bitcoin Cash is the true Bitcoin.

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