Audius (AUDIO) Price Today

It's easy to guess why music streaming services are so popular. First, it's convenient - you can listen to tracks from any device, and second, the service adjusts to your preferences, offering only the music you might like. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of their subscribers has long exceeded the millions. However, there is an opinion that those who create content for such services - singers or musicians - don't get the income they could have and end up losing out. And this is the situation that Audius can solve.

What is Audius (AUDIO)?

If you look at Audius from a technical point of view, it is one of those protocols that allows you to listen to music. But the point is that it is the only one of a large number of protocols that uses blockchain in its work. It makes it possible for users to keep listening to the music they like, and for artists to get a reasonable reward for it.

Audius, one of the most well-known apps on the cryptocurrency space, is owned and operated by an open-source community of artists, enthusiasts and developers.

Many well-known artists see Audius primarily as a platform for experimenting or sharing tracks that won't make it to other places. These experiments can include works that are still unfinished, or weekend beats, or even just more diverse content than what they're used to posting on more familiar online venues.

Audius cryptocurrency advantages include:

  • The main feature of Audius compared to services like Spotify or Apple Music is that it uses blockchain technology.

  • For both performers and listeners, the platform is free.

  • As mentioned above - this is a unique project that is based on blockchain.

As can be understood, the AUDIO token is the Audius project's own coin, which gives artists the ability to earn money as they want. This can be done by selling unique NFTs or otherwise. The token is also used to encourage users to use their platform and improve the services Audius provides.

The AUDIO token attracted special attention after listing on Binance, resulting in more than just music lovers being interested in it. Although the Audius coin crypto price is still low, the platform is considered promising, especially because it is resistant to censorship.

In addition, Audius has partnered with the social network TikTok, which is very popular with young people. Now artists who used to use Audius can post their songs on TikTok, which, due to its popularity, will allow them to get new listeners. This situation can be called a good one for both the project and the artists, and it could well be considered that Audius stock price could get higher.

Where to Buy Audius Token

The purchase of AUDIO coins is possible on cryptocurrencies. And it is possible to pay for the purchase not only in dollars, but also in various altcoins.

In addition to buying AUDIO, like any cryptocurrency, you can trade, which means using different tools and strategies to facilitate the work of any trader:

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