Ankr (ANKR) Price Today

ANKR crypto coin is the native currency of the same-named platform, serving as a handy means of payment for the services available across it, e.g., API services, nodes deploying, etc.

Initially launched as a Distributed Cloud Computing Network, Ankr platform made use of multiple idle machines’ excess capacity for cloud computing. From the very start, it was intended to help all its users benefit from Web3 infrastructure, allowing them to deploy nodes on PoS blockchains, as well as stake PoS tokens and access DeFi apps quite affordably.

Interestingly, Ankr team managed to make $18.7 million in only six days: $15.9 million during the pre-sale and $2.75 million – a bit later, when the sale was first opened to the general public. In total, 3.5 of 10 billion coins were sold then. Now, its circulating supply is as many as 8,162,899,378, with the maximum supply remaining 10 billion.

How much is ANKR coin worth now?

The current ankr price live is $0.143202 USD, which is down 4.51% compared to the numbers 24 hours ago. The 24-hour trading volume equals $140,559,402 USD. By the way, ankr coin crypto price predictions are optimistic: it is expected to rise by about 240% in five years.

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