Algorand (ALGO) Price Today

On the crypto market, Algorand is a rather new yet successful player. Its main network was created in 2017 by MIT professor Silvio Micali and made public in summer of 2019. Its primary purpose was facilitating transactions, making them cheaper, smoother, and more efficient.

The Algorand network’s native cryptocurrency, named ALGO, has shown impressive growth and got to the top-25 of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Basic facts about algo crypto: price, trading volume, market cap, etc.

  • The current algo token price is $1.37

  • Its 24-hour trading volume equals $161,222,143. During the last 24 hours, it went up by 2.01%.

  • The current market cap of algorand cryptocurrency is $8,679,702,966.

  • It ranks #23 by market capitalization;

  • The circulating supply of ALGO coins is 6,330,577,799

  • The maximum supply is limited to 10,000,000,000.

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