Ambassador program

Becoming a WunderTrading Ambassador gives you an opportunity to build your own community through growing Wunderbit's popularity and build consensus for using Wunderbit in your part of the world. You can build the community and expand Wunderbit’s local reach by forming groups, running social media, organizing events — whatever you can think of. All reasonable plans will be supported by the Wunderbit team with funding, staff support, Ambassador awards, Ambassador training, etc. The best Ambassadors will share the bonus in USDT every month.

Apply - https://forms.gle/PJf4EKVtWqKB85628

Stage Requirements Benefits Pass Criteria
0 - Apply Apply by filling the Form and get qualified for the Ambassador's program.
  • 20% referral
The total number of subscribers is not less than 1000.
Having an active audience and regular channel maintenance
1 - Trial Period
All qualified and approved Junior Ambassadors can start operations. 
Within 1 month, complete:
  • At least 5 posts on social networks in different formats: Post / Video / Article / Instagram Stories and others(Several different formats need to be selected)
  • Attract at least 50 subscribers
  • 25% referral
Having the largest number of attracted subscribers.
After the completed task, a filter will be made by invited users. Participants who have invited the largest number of subscribers using their link will receive the "Ambassador" status.
2 - Ambassador
  • All approved Ambassadors have to maintain MAUT, at least: 30. 

* MAUT - monthly active users traded - users who traded during the last 30d period.


  • Availability of at least 1 active bot on the marketplace
  • 35% referral
  • Lifetime free subscription on PRO plan
  • Get exclusives: promo codes, merch
  • The ability to be the first to receive ready-made copyright unique bots.
  • The ability to receive a reward for every 100 invited and active users.
  • Opportunity to share articles on Wunderbit Journal to get more referrals.
  • The top 10 ambassadors will be featured on the Wunderbit homepage as the most active users. Allows you to increase the reach of your bots and social networks)
  • Top 10 ambassadors share Monthly bonus in USDT. (Distributed once a month in USDT among top ambassadors by referred MAU). *bonus amount depends on the monthly trading volume.