Join FTX competition – Man vs Machine

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Join Wunderbit Trading Team to fight in FTX trading competition Man vs Machine.

As a trader, you choose a team: Man or Machine. 

  • Team Man: trade manually through FTX
  • Team Machine trade with algo or API (automated crypto bots at Wunderbit is what we recommend).

Choose a weight class. There are 4 levels, having their own limits used for trading. 

  • Atomweight: $500
  • LightWeight: $2,000
  • Middleweight: $10,000
  • Heavyweight: $50,000

How to participate in FTX competition with Wunderbit Trading

Step 1

Log in to FTX.com

Step 2

Create a dedicated subaccount and choose it.

Step 3

Go to this page to sign up for the contest.

Step 4

Credit the balance with any amount up to the limit of weight class.

Step 5

Create API keys for contest subaccount.

Step 6

Connect API keys to Wunderbit Trading.

Step 7

Trade through Wunderbit Trading manually or automate your trading strategy for the related API profile.


Individual Prizes: The highest-scoring traders in each weight class receive prizes based on the total volume traded by contestants in that weight class. The largest possible prize is US$5,000.00!. See the article for more information.

Team Prizes: In the end, either team Team Man or Team Machine will win. Whichever team has the highest total score, summed across all weight classes, will receive the Team prize: 20 FTT to each of the 50 highest-scoring contestants on that team, independent of weight class.

Community Engagement Prizes: We have a host of community prizes such as HTC Phones, Swag Packs and even FTT for the best contributing members within our Man vs Machine Group Chat - this can either be users who are the most enthusiastic, users who share their trades or just users who are the most helpful to others. This prize is solely discretionary based on the judgement of FTX staff.