Best gifts for men who have everything – Bitcoin

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What is the best present for a man for his birthday, New Year’s or some other significant occasion? We always try to find something that’s valuable but not too expensive, something that reflects our feelings, our love and respect but isn’t too sentimental as a gift. There’s also the chance of the giftee not enjoying the present, especially if we don’t know him all that well. There’s always the option of gifting money, but that’s usually too predictable and boring, though it is practical and will never go to waste.

Nowadays, though, you can wrap up the money in a modern and technologically advanced way - by gifting bitcoin! This will most likely be their first time receiving something like this, so it will definitely be a memorable present.

Chances are a person who’s interested in the latest technologies and advances in finance will already be following the exchange rate of Bitcoin and will be happy with such a gift. And even if the person isn’t all that invested in the topic, they can always just sell it or exchange it for regular money.

Reason 1 – explore new things

A person who is sceptical about bitcoins and their usefulness might change their mind after receiving bitcoin as a gift, as he would then be a part of this previously unknown to him community.

Reason 2 – become more advanced

After receiving bitcoin, the person, previously unfamiliar with the subject, will be compelled to dig deeper and discover a whole new realm for himself. If they decide that they don’t want to be bothered by researching a new subject, then they will, at the very least, receive a profitable return on their investments in the long term. It’s no surprise that the current most successful finance managers recommend billionaires to invest at least 1% of their fortune in bitcoins. That’s why this is a great present for those that think they already have everything. For some, this might even be the beginning of a successful investment career.

How to gift bitcoin?

So in what way should you gift bitcoin? Let’s look at some options, starting with a gift certificate. This is one of the easiest and most seemly ways of gifting bitcoin using special services. All that you have to do is choose the face value of the certificate and fill out the application. After the payment, the gift certificate will be sent to the specified address. The recipient will be easily able to exchange the certificate for bitcoins at the rate of that date.

The next option is to gift bitcoin in the form of a paper wallet. This is one of the safest methods of storing bitcoin, as the wallet is literally printed on the paper. Using special websites, you can create an empty wallet and put the wanted amount of money on it for the recipient. After the generation of the bitcoin address, you can pick your desired design of the picture, which will have the address and access key printed on it. Additionally, the other side of the postcard will have instructions on how to use bitcoin. All you have to do then is to print the picture, fold it in accordance with the instructions and write your message. You can then buy bitcoin instantly with credit card on Wunderbit in just 10 min, and it will be sent to the bitcoin wallet you just created. Your gift is ready!

There is also another option, a hardware wallet. There are multiple USB wallets, the most popular of which are TREZOR and Ledger Nano S. Both of these can be bought at the manufacturers’ official websites. You will need to install software on the device for it to be able to create a bitcoin wallet, download the PIN and set up the seeds. Access to the wallet is only possible if you have the device with you, which is why this method is perfect for sending and receiving bitcoins safely.

If you don’t want to bother with any of this though, you can simply message the recipient, asking him for their wallet address so that you can transfer their present. All that’s left to do is to transfer the necessary number of bitcoins from your account and wait for their words of gratitude.

The choice is yours!